Migrate cue data from DJay Pro 2 MAC to DJay Pro on iPad.

Where are cue points kept on DJay Pro 1 & 2 for MAC and on IOS version?
I do not see time stamps in music/djay djaypro or djaypro 2 that make sense to me.

I managed to move my cue points from DJay Pro 1 to DJay Pro 2 via import option. However I now have no cue points on DJay Pro (1). What I think may have happened is Djay Pro for iPad had no cue point and I think it synced itself and made DJay Pro (1) on MAC loose it’s cues. Not sure if thats the cause.

So I would like to get my cue points from Djay Pro 2 back on Djay Pro for MAC and Djay Pro for iPad.

Any ideas