Missing MIDI Mapping Video Controls

I got exited to midi map video controls but discovered there seems to be very little available in djay pro ai’s mapping scheme.

I’m seeing just two: Video Crossfader & Video Transitions.
djay video midi map

Is that really all or am I missing a bunch of controls somewhere?

Video Crossfader/Transitions are essential and it’s great they’re available, but there’s a lot more to control like which visualizer on which deck, selecting photos (& speed of photo changes by beat), selecting custom videos, dis/enabling text/image overlays, and more.

Without more MIDI mapping of video, I’m stuck mousing around or poking on iPad a lot (and going back and forth between audio and video layouts to do so). Rapid Visualizer changes and getting new custom photos/videos into the decks is cumbersome.

The ability to dedicate a small MIDI controller to just video needs would make actually using video while mixing audio possible. Otherwise, it’s too hard to manage both in a live set. This makes it either avoid video or accept that much of it is going to be repetitive and boring for the audience.

Hi @CliffyPop, there are actually more than that. I found 8.

  1. It depends on what type of control you are trying to MIDI map: Fader, Knob/Encoder or Button.

  2. It depends what you have the CONTROL>Target set to: Deck 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixer, Music Library, Looper, Sampler, General or Selected Deck.

  3. I went through all of the possible combinations myself and found these. There may be others that I missed: Video Crossfader, Select Video Transition (Rotary), Video Transition to Left, Video Transition to Right, Cut Video Crossfader, Toggle Split Audio/Video Crossfader, Previous Video Transition and Next Video Transition.

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