Missing playlist


This is the second time that happens to me. The playlists I do in Djay Pro have disappeared when I installed the Google Drive sync. I mean, before I had the folders inside the computer and now with the Google Drive I have synchronized those same folders by downloading the files to the computer. This I have done in case I include or modify songs, I do it from Google Drive and it automatically synchronizes me on all my computers.

But I have done it in such a way that I have the same folders in the same place. I do not understand why Djay Pro has not found the songs for me. But the strangest thing of all, is that all the playlist I had have disappeared.

Hi Edu,

Thank you for getting in touch.

I am sorry to hear that. In which library did the playlists disappear?


In Djay Pro’s own library.


I think what Djay Pro needs is the “recolate” function of Traktor, for example.

When you change the location of the songs, Traktor can not find them but it does not erase the playlists. And it has the “Recolate” function that automatically relocates them. Djay Pro, if you can not find the songs, will erase the playlists if you can not find the songs.