Mixars Primo iPad

Are there any plans to support the Mixars Primo for iOS? I know it was requested a few times on the old forum but I haven’t seen any updates.

It’s class compliant so should definitely work. If not, does anyone have a mapping they would be willing to share?

Many Thanks


Hi Jamie,

Thank you for getting in touch. The controller needs an external mixer mode at the moment which we are not supporting on iOS so far.

We will keep you posted if there are news.

Thanks for the response Lukas. Could anyone tell me what that means exactly?

Can the controller not be mapped full stop? I have seen other users get it almost there but had issues with inverted pitch.



Yes somebody else mapped it almost perfectly except the jog wheels were kind of squiggly

well i guess that is that… i sold mine because of this, otherwise it was a great controller,

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