Mixars Quattro Loop Encoder

Hi everyone, trying to map the loop encoder on my mixars Quattro but anything I do makes the loop continue to half of or double depending on the direction I twist the encoder. Has anyone any help in mapping the encoder to work correctly? Other than that I have the mixer working wonderfully with it!

What do you actually want the encoder to do, if not halve or double?

I want to turn it and have it go up in increments of half or double depending on what way I turn it. It does do it but it won’t stop and carries on to the end of each side for ev 1/8 or 32

Hi @Dennis_Collins, can you please provide a screen shot of your MIDI settings for the Loop Encoder with the Advanced Control Configuration section expanded? Thanks.

I sold it and bought a reloop elite!

Okay, thanks for letting me know @Dennis_Collins.

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