Mixdeck Quad & ipad (Loading Song Causes Other Table To Go Silent & Sends Headphone Output to Master Output!!)

Having an ongoing problem with the current djay app and Numark Mixdeck Quad controller. After searching for a song to load onto the djay app, I pick the song I want to load onto the turntable that is not playing. As soon as I try to load the song, this causes the song that is playing to go silent. But, if I activate the ‘cue’, on the table that just went silent, the headphone output now comes out of the main/house output. And the other table now ‘operates’ the same way. The sliders no longer work. I have to unplug the ipad from the controller and plug it back in to get it to work properly again. This anomaly happens about once every hour. This has happened with the previous update of djay along with the current update. Not acceptable. Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated.

Another thing I noticed is when this occurs, both songs can be heard in the headphone at the same time whether the “cue” buttons are on or off. Of course, if they’re on, the sound from that deck comes out of the master output. If the cue is off, no sound comes out of the master output regardless of what you do.

I connect the ipad to the Numark Mixdeck Quad with Numark supplied cable. One end connects to the 30-pin connecter at the bottom of the iPad and the other end goes to the 30-pin port on the Mixdeck Quad.

Ipad is the 3rd Gen w/64gb

iOS version – 7.0.6

djay2 – version 2.2.2

Hi Dan,

Please kindly contact Numark Support regarding this issue:


And as mentioned in our email conversation, I recommend trying USB + Camera Adapter and see if that helps.

Hi Dan,

The iDJ Pro issue you’re referring to has been fixed with a firmware update for the iDJ Pro. This issue also occurred more likely with djay 2 than with djay 1.

Just want to be clear. By “cue” or “cue button”, I am referring to the buttons on the Mixdeck Quad that sends the audio to the headphone. It’s the button that has a headphone icon on it. There’s one above each of the 4 sliders - one for each channel.

Hi Warren,

I’m going to try djay (not djay2) and see if it works without issue. If it does work, I would think it would be more of a djay2 issue, if it doesn’t, it may be a Numark issue. I know you (Algoriddim) were having queing issues with djay2 and the idj pro. I briefly owned an idj pro, but returned it for that very reason. Maybe there is something with the Mixdeck Quad that needs attention in the next djay2 update. Also, if I come across an official Apple camera adapter, I’ll try to connect via USB as per your suggestion.

Hi Warren,

I still feel this is a software issue and not an issue with the Numark Mixdeck Quad. On Saturday, I used the Numark and iPad w/djay for 4 to 5 hours without an issue. The reason why is because I used djay version 1.6.6. I did not use djay2 version 2.2.2. The supplied 30-pin cable was used to connect the iPad to the Mixdeck Quad. When I first installed djay2 just after its release, my system operated without issue, but both of the last two versions (2.2.2 & previous version update) caused the headphone/queing issue. I will pass this info along to Numark support, as well.

Thank you.

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pre cueing.

I have been trying to mix a new cd but I am having a problem. The controller mix deck quad and the software keep on having issues. I deleted and reinstalled the software in order to correct the problem, but seems to not work.
The headphones are not playing the pre cue track. They are playing the same track that is coming out of the speakers. I have tried every configuration and it seems to work and then the crossfader seems to adjust from a smooth transition to a cut mode. Then I will have a problem with the headphones not transitioning unless i hit the headphones button each time on the controller to transition back and forth. it just started to happen out of the blue. It was working correctly the other day and all i did was start a new set today and was configured different for some reason. I am the only person using it and don’t understand how it would reconfigure itself. please help me to correct this. Thank you in advance