Mixdeck Quad with Mac Djay Pro

Algorriddim People! I am a Djay enthusiast and I think it’s the best thing after the slice bread prolly because the ITunes library has always been my playground.

I do my thing currently with the Mixdeck Quad and Djay on iPad. I am planning to upgrade to a Mac because the Djay pro seems very inviting. But some questions on my mind and I will appreciate feedback from the experts;

What’s d difference using the Mixdeck quad with Mac Djay pro?
What’s d connection like? Same as Djay on iPad? Do u connect from the USB port or same connection for PGM/Cue
I gathered the sounds from the Mac is better than the IPad, how True?
The Mac Djay Pro, does it communicate seamlessly with the Numark Mixdeck quad?
Any write up on Mac Djay Pro with Numark Mixdeck Quad?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Thanks a Ton Adrian!

About the difference: Well, of course you have a bigger screen using djay Pro, e.g. your library is permanently displayed. Coming with an External Mixer Mode, you could also assign another 2 Decks to djay Pro. These decks could be played by using your Trackpad.

About the connection: The Numark Mixdeck Quad must be connected with an USB cable.

About the sound: The sound quality is just as fine as on the iPad.

About the controls: Yes, it communicates seamlessly, as it is natively supported.

About a write-up: No, I’m sorry, there is none, yet. However, you can check out the demo version of djay Pro. See if it fits well for your purposes to avoid any risk! You can get the demo at: http://www.algoriddim.com/djay-mac/download

I have the Mixdeck Quad and DJay Pro combination right now and I love it! I use it to DJ weddings and they’ve been great. I use the Spotify integration for requests. I love that I can use any media I want to play off of. I have my library back up on a thumb drive that lives in one of the USB ports in case my laptop dies (hasn’t happened yet) since it’s pretty old (2010).

HI Roy. Were you using a Mac or PC? I’m having some connectivity issues.