Mixed in Key compatibility - Display 'Initial Key' ID3 Tag for Harmonic Mixing, Energy, and automated Cue Points

I use the Mixed in Key 7 software to write ‘initial key’ tags in the Camelot format as well as the auto cue point feature. Can you guys display/import that info like Traktor and Serato?

Any news here?

Since mixed in key uses comments for some data, it can be used with day pro (Mac) but it would be great to be able to export cue points the same way it does for Serato and traktor.

and it would be perfect to have a way to use the Camelot wheel scale instead of the keys available on djay software.

any plans on doing this?

Me too

Also the new Energy Level is very good. I use it all the time

Mixed in Key does a very good Job in analysing a track, dynamic Playlist, editing cue pionts, But there is still room to make it better.

Music has a structure
Beat (1 Beat)
Bar (4 Beat)
Dance Pattern (8 Beat)
Melodie Pattern (16 Beat)
Lyrics Pattern (32 Beat)

In dancing school the teacher count steps 1-2-3, 5-6-7. In order to keep the croud dancing you have to maintain the Dance Pattern during transition. If you dont do this, dancer stop dancing and leave the dancefloor.

The Melodie change every 16 Beats. If you take care of the Melody transitions sound very natural. If you ignore this, the drum solo start in the wrong moment.

A sentence in lyrics (Verse) goes often over 32 Beats. DJ should also take care about Lyrics an mix in the right moment when it make sense with the lyrics.

If the Software make 4, 8, 16 and 32 Beat Blocks more visible to the DJ he has a way better overview to find good places to mix.

Me too.
Maybe the software can show symbols instead camelot what show the effekt what happen if you mix the 2 traks

No progress on this yet?

While the app does most of the features of mixed in keys, I wish for the auto hotcues…

Would like the ability to choose camelot as default key notation

Thanks a lot for the idea! We’ll be discussing it internally.

Would also love to be able to use Mixed in Key with Djay Pro.

Any update on this as it would be a great additional feature.

i love this software but i really use a lot of harmonic mixing and its a huge barrier, between me and this soft ware

Hi, it’s been a year now any updates from your discussions?


Yes being able to see these ID3 tags would be very beneficial. Even if you just enable viewing of the comments field would help.

Same here!!
Mixed in Key integration in Djay software asap !!!

Otherwise people will migrate back to Traktor

guys. pls reply. Trying to work out if I should buy mixed in key?: