Mixer mode: HYBRID (to enable CFX, Matrix audio routing)

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Just I’m thinking about Crossfader FX feature is a great feature, but still not available in hardware mode, ( I’m afraid won’t happen) but works as Internal mixer mode. Internal mode crossfader fx is mappable, but you cannot control decks output on your hardware.

What if, just add a hybrid mode based on matrix routing, user would able to select input/output from a dropdown menu, but still in internal mode. On this way you would able to control any outputs to your hardware, so your hardware mixer would turn as a controller. Combining internal and external mixer mode and get benefits. Is that make any sense?

Thanks for the suggestion @DJ-Z. I’ve sent this to the dev team for consideration.

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+1 and I was thinking about it. I have a PX5 Mixer with sound card and midi and can control the software perfectly, but I still want to control playhead using my DVS, a hybrid mode would be a game changer

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+1 good idea :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Olivier_Frappier Oliver, please hit the vote button on top of the page!

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