Mixer Pioneer DJM450

It s possibile play the Djay app with mixer Pioneer djm 450 ?

@Mario_Zack the Pioneer DJM-450 is not on the list of supported hardware. However, if it’s USB Class Compliant you might be able to MIDI map it yourself.

@Mario_Zack I did a quick Google search and it seems the DJM-450 is not class compliant so it won’t work with iOS.

You might still be able to get it working on MacOS with since there appears to be Mac drivers for it.

Thanks a lot for the fast answer
I will try to config the mixer
I Hope that Algoriddim intruduce this funciton


You’re welcome. Hope that helps.

@Mario_Zack given that the DJM-450 is 7 years old and not class compliant, I suspect official support for this will be unlikely. There is a lot of new hardware on the market that I imagine is of higher priority. However, you can make a separate post in the Hardware section requesting support. Here other users can upvote for it giving Algoriddim a better sense of user demand.

Ok thanks so much


@Mario_Zack you’re welcome!

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