Mixer with DVS support in Djay Pro AI

For gigs I use a controller or the setup provided by the promoter, at home I play vinyl every now and then for a stream or just for fun, and I would like to expand this with a DVS setup. So I’m looking for a mixer that supports DVS and can also be used with Djay Pro AI. Can you recommend a reasonably priced and compatible model?

Any mixer which is Core Audio Class Compliant will work with DJ Pro AI.
If you want to stick with the mixer you have now, you can pick up a used NI Audio 10 or Audio 6.
The list of officially compatible mixers can be found at DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers and other DJ Accessories | Algoriddim near the bottom of the page.

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Together with information @Myalteredsoul kindly shared, for a list of the DVS-compatible mixers currently working with djay for iOS, make sure to check this Support Site article out.

For more information on how to set things up with djay and DVS, hopefully you’ll find this Support Site article useful.

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