Mixes are incompletely recorded

I have tried to make some mixes about 1-2 hours long. However, once I want to listen to them again, I note that only a fraction on the mixes was recorded.

I have a few gigabytes left on my ipad2 to store recordings so I dont really know what is going on

Thanks! I have about 2gb free… would this be too little?

How much free disk space do you have exactly? Please try freeing up more space before recording again.

Hi PJ,

Which recording quality are you using? Also, when does the recording stop? Does it always stop after the same amount of time?

I have the same problem. Running shay pro on iMac 27" with 1TB avail space and recordings save only fraction of the mix. For example I’m on my 5th attempt to record a guest mix for another producer and each saved file is a fraction of the work I intend to record. Most recent attempt was this AM and I had full red recording light on for the duration of my 30min (wav) mix . Hit Command +R to stop and file is the first 7min of the total 30min I recorded.

ok so i deleted Djay pro and reinstalled and it seems to be saving all of my wav recordings now.

wrong…back to saving only portions again…glad to see i’m only 1 of 2 with this problem still. I guess it must be something in my own stuff…i’ll keep trying.

I’m having the same problem with Djay for Mac. And I have 800+GB free.