Mixing from a network hard drive

Is there a way to access a network hard drive from the app… Natively… If not this would be a bonus for djs who use network drives like me… 6 terabites on an iphone will just never happen… So the solution would be to only access the collection through a network hard drive. Note… i can access the drive using my phone… But not through the app!

Out of curiosity, why would you need 6 terabites of music on hand?
I mean I have just over 2500 tracks on my 256gb iPad which is around 90gb all of them 320kb mp3s and I couldn’t dream of playing that many tracks in a night… I know it’s good to have a track if it ever gets requested for a party/wedding but there has to be a limit somewhere…
Having Tidal also helps me get out of trouble as well

Not really… If you only playling in the club… But if your video mixing… Thats a different story… If you are a radio dj… Its even worse… You need all songs at the studio… I also do some production… So i might want to make a blend ASAP … So i need all my weapons next to me… Note : out here in Africa our playlists are huge… We play almost everything… Local music… Almost all our neighbors music… The USA… Some European… So yes you need 6TB next to you… Internet is still not realible by the way!!!

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Fair enough, I see your point

Hi there. I will assume you are connecting to this drive via an Ip? So connect to the local server and make sure you can see it in the files app. In Djay go to add folder and you should find the server

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