Mixing with 4 decks

When using the Numark Mixdeck Quad with four decks in DJay Pro on ipad is it possible to switch control between decks, or am I limited to decks 1 and 2 with no control of decks 3 and 4?

What’s good Floyd. When I first got my mixdeck quad, I had no problems with it when I was using the iOS connection with my iPad Pro. Then suddenly the communication between the two stopped working. At that point I started using the USB connection and it seems to be working fine again. Then again after some time the communication was bad for example the job Wheels weren’t responding like they should have and sometimes the program will just completely stopped in the middle of a set. Then I would have to play music through my phone while I reset. Totally frustrated I have now stopped using the mixdeck quad and recently
purchased the reloop Mixon 4. I’ve only had it for a week, but I absolutely love it. Everything works seamlessly and better than the mixdeck quad ever has.

Hello Matt I also own a Mixdeck Quad and 2 ipad pros ,12.9 and 10.5. I’ve been trying for a year now,but can’t get them to recognize each other. None of the buttons will respond. I can get audio but only while using the iPad controls. My old iPad Air 2 worked perfectly with my Mixdeck. In addition I also have the Numark idjay pro controller and have no problems with it. I’ve contacted Numark, Apple and Algoriddim no solution. Please help . How did you get success ?

Thank you very much Matt