Mixon 4 IOS 14.2

Hello friends!!! I have a Reloop Mixon 4 controller and an IPad Pro 3 generation … everything was working perfectly !!! I updated my IOS to 14.2 and I am using the version of Djay Pro Ai version 3.5.9 … however after this update I turn on the Mixon 4 controller and open the Djay Pro Ai application it works normally but then the application closes on its own and the controller stops working !!! Can anybody help me??? thank you

Hi @djpichi,

We are currently expecting the changes by iOS 14 and their affect on midi controller usage. This has a very high priority to us and we will let you know if there are news regarding the problem.


Until IOS 13 I had no problems, it was upgrading to 14.0 that the errors started! I hope you guys solve the problem … Thanks

Same problem here. Hopefully it’ll be sorted soon

Same here. Emailed support my crash logs.

I am also having very frequent crashes with a new iPad Air 4 and my Vestax VCI-400. Running the latest iOS and DJay versions. No issues a couple of weeks ago.

Fixed now, happy mixing!

iOS 14.3 public beta 2 has fixed the problem. It’s a 14.2 thing. Sign up for public betas if you can wait till sometime in December for an actual release.

Problem solved!!! Congratulations to the entire Algoriddim team … I used my Mixon 4 controller with Djay 3.5.12 today for 7 hrs in a row and without any crashes !!! Thanks

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