Mixon 4 iPad 2020 scratch does not work

When in playing a track on either deck while it’s playing I cannot rotate the song back

But when it’s paused I can rotate back or forward


Have you checked in which mode you are in? Please use Shift + Slip to activate the Vinyl mode of the Mixon 4. Is this helping?

A year later it’s still does not work
I been using my 201& iPad instead of the 2020 iPad Pro
What really sucks is that my 2018 is getting slow and apple won’t replace the battery

Hey @Juan_Perez,

Could you please check/answer to the following things:

  • Are the Mixon 4 jog-wheels covered by the protective plastic it comes with?
  • Are you connecting the USB-C iPad with the Multiport-Adapter by Apple?
  • Or are you using a direct cable?
  • What version of djay are you running on each iPad?
  • What iOS version are you currently running?
  • Is the jog-wheel back-spinning the only thing that is not working on the controller?

I hope we can fix this soon.


The only work around somewhat but I loose the ability to pitch bend is to change the midi setting to scratch none touch I have the latest software and firmware and latest app

Everything works flawlessly on the 2018 but the 2020 is literally nit being used for DJing like I want it to.

I have
2 iPad Pro 12.9 2018
2 iPad Pro 12.9 2020

Mixtour paid it forward once I got the buddy
Buddy works perfect with 2020 iPad Pro 12.9
Mixon 4 issues with 2020 perfect with 2018

The only controller I’m having issues with is the Mixon 4

I am 100% committed to using iPad for DJing been on it at all my events since 2013 concerts with 1000s of people or small private events with a couple 100 I love the feel of DJing with a touch screen and a controller Djay software is the best!

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