Mixon 4 midi mapping

Hi everyone, while trying to figure out some bugs/flaws on the mixon 4, I got the idea to create a space for mixon 4 users to share their individual mappings and to create a comprehensive list of what button does what.

I’ve also just seen that with the new midi mapping available on the new djay app, we can program certain features ourselves. So let’s share our ideas and mappings here!

Btw. If you are unsure if that button/knob is used for something, the midi mapping automatically jumps to the right place when you move the knob/button, and also shows its Funktion.

There are a lot of knobs buttons unused in shift mode, which can be made use of. I for example used that to program the fx 3 parameter to the filterknob (for each deck individually) when shift is held down. That way I can use fx 3 with the tonalizer and get non stepped sweeps unlike with the normal parameter knob.