Mixon 4 selected deck wish

Hi guys!

Love the combination with this controller, but I have a small request: could you please hi-light the selected decks on screen? This would significantly reduce the chance of making an error: looping the wrong deck (3 instead of 1) for example.




Just to be sure: I didn’t mean it literally. Any kind of obvious indication (red borders, yellow top row, etc) would be awesome.

Great idea!

Hi Meneer Tuur,

thank you for your feedback.
I forwarded your post as a request for a “deck dimming” feature, thank you for that.

It would be great if other users share their feelings about this feature in order to push the topic.

Lukas E.

Hey there, 

thank you all for pushing the topic.

Lukas E.

I like this idea. I haven’t experienced any complications thus far but I believe it will be useful if distinguishable at a glance.