Mixon 4 USB connection issue


I am eager to set up my Mixon 4 with any of my 3 devices. I currently have an Android phone, an iPhone 12 and a Windows laptop available, all running the djay app. I am looking to make it work on at least the laptop and one of the smartphones. Currently, I am using a normal USB-B male to USB-A female adapter and from there either a USB-A to USB-C or USB-A to lightning cable. Neither device show any evidence of detecting the Mixon 4.

Can you advise me on what cables to use to make it work plug and play? I understand that there is some difference between USB and USB OTG? I would like to avoid buying expensive Apple lightning adapters since I plan to upgrade to a USB-C iPhone quite soon.

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I just looked up one of those B to A adapters on Amazon and it says “This adapter is not for connecting MIDI equipment”.

I’d suggest you need to adapt at the other end. Use a normal A-B cable then adapt the A end to C or use the Apple Camera Adapter to convert to Lightning.

You can also get B to C cables.

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Hi @Sam_1, personally, I have never had any success using USB-A to B adapters with DJ hardware, so I recommend you avoid them. As PKtheDJ suggested, I recommend you use a USB-C to B cable with no adapter for the most reliable connection. For USB-C to B cables, I personally use Chroma Cables from DJ TechTools. If you want to use your iPhone, then only use a Genuine Apple Camera Adapter (Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter - Apple (CA)) as many of the 3rd party adapters are unreliable.


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