Mixon 4 vs Buddy

Hi everyone

My controller has finally given up the ghost and I need to buy something new. I am a huge fan of Djay AI and am keen to use the new features.

I am also keen to be able to use iPad and iPhone.

I know the only controller that will make the most of them is the Reloop Buddy which I understand I can’t get til mid - January. I am also quite an experienced DJ with around 15 years of experience so would prefer something that’s a bit more professional and comprehensive - everything said about the Buddy is that it’s for beginners, although I can’t fully figure out what that actually means.

I am erring on the side of getting the Mixon 4 instead, which I could afford but I am a bit nervous about getting it then in 3 months Reloop release a controller which is tailored to Djay AI.

I guess my question is - in general, if I used the EQ knobs on the Mixon for Neural AI, will I be able to access most of the features of Djay AI? Or would I be better off getting the Buddy for now, and maybe a separate controller for any additional features I might need? Then maybe upgrading in the future when Reloop release another version of Mixon?


Let me put in writing what I’m hoping for in a Neural Mix-adapted controller:

  • separate crossfaders per „stem“ (vocals, melody, drums)
  • FX controls that let me turn the effect on and off, change it and allow me to apply it to one stem only
  • a knob or crossfader for each channel to switch between vocals only and everything but vocals
  • loop controls with the ability to loop only one stem
  • change the EQ from Neural Mix to regular EQ

While the Reloop Buddy can do a few of those, its capabilities are very limited, plus it only has one output (master out). From the article on DigitalDJTips:

Reloop Buddy has a single 2 x RCA master output and an 1/8″ headphones output. Both are on the side of the unit. No mic or aux inputs, though, which at the price you’d expect to see at least one of.

Most of the functionality mentioned above is MIDI-mappable but I would guess it would be kinda hacky. For example, applying FX only to one stem: I would prefer to be able to tell at a glance which stem is currently selected but this will be hard to replicate without dedicated controls.

Hope this was helpful!

Hi Joe, that is very helpful, yes, thank you.

I think what you’re describing would be ideally what I would want too, but I’m trying to figure out what to do now in advance of there being a controller that does all of this!

I need to buy something now because my old controller has given up - and still not sure whether to get the Mixon or the Buddy (which at least does some of the above).

One output isn’t an issue for me as I do all my more complex routing through audio hijack.

Any thoughts would be really appreciated!


Why don’t you try and add a midi controller(s) instead. I’m right now experimenting to map Korg Nanokontrol2. Small and doesn’t draw much current.
Happy new year!

Louis if I was was to use Buddy ,I would add a 10 channel sound mixer to it for sound and mics. The controls on Buddy look pretty good. Just use Buddy to control software. Besides most controllers could use the sound card on the mixing boards to boost the quality of the sound coming thru the speakers. There always going to be an upgrade to Dj controllers. Reloop has been very slow on making new controllers in the past. I don’t think it will be any different now.

Thanks both. I ended up buying a second hand mixon 4, but I might get the buddy too and see if I can make that work for me, I’d quite like something smaller to be honest. The nano kontrol looks great as a way of supplementing it!

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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