Mixon 8 edit mapping

Hi all, wanted to share my Mixon 8 mapping. Wanted it to be like the original as best as possible but with enhancements:

Parameter buttons now are instrumental and accapella
Shift Parameter is beat jump
With Mixon 8 you can have 2 extra pad rows. Shift plus Hot Cue (purple) is bounce loops and shift Loop Roll is beat jump size green for +32 + 26 + 4 + 1 and red for -32 -16 -4 and -1. I use this a lot to help me out of transitions are off.
In browser mode shift press browse knob is track preview with shift Time/Rev preview track forward or rewind.
Saved flip is instant effects with bottom row effecting stems.
Scratch bank is stems top row solo shift is mute bottom row is stem effects for vocals and drums like serato.

And lastly shift load channel 1 or 2 split stems similar to rane four or flx 10.
As normal eq can be eq or stems eq.
Reloop Mixon 8 Pro Edit.djayMidiMapping (305.9 KB)


Thanks for sharing @Dysfunk_DJ