Mixon 8 Pro Deck 2 ceasing to work with iPad Air

I’ve acquired a Reloop Mixon 8 Pro to use with my iPad Air 5th generation.
I used to have a Pionner DDJ-FLX6-GT but I wanted to have a controller more adapted to DJay Pro since this is my software of choice, both in the Mac and with the iPad.

Anyway I’m facing a very strange problem:
With some regularity, when playing a track in deck 2, the track stops without any warning and the Play button ceases to work.
In other occasions and very strangely the outer rim of the jogwheel becomes sensitive to the touch, like the upper surface…

When I use the controller with DJay Pro in the Mac (Mini M1 16 GB RAM), using USB A there’s no issue.
Also with Virtual DJ 2024 (which also I have a license), there’s also no problem at all and I’m able to mix without any problem.

I’m running the last version of DJay Pro both in iOS (17.4.1) and in MacOS (14.4.1).
I’m using firmware 5339 in the Mixon 8 Pro and also tried the previous available version 5039.
I’ve already followed the applicable recommendations for optimising iOS that I found over here.
I’m getting crazy about this situation.

Could this be an hardware problem?
If so, why everything works as it should in the Mac?
I’m more inclined to a software bug in DJay Pro iOS but would to ear from you guys if there’s anybody with the same problem as I have.

Hi @Dig_Art,

  1. Are you using the exact same USB cables when connecting the iPad and the Mac Mini?
  2. Are you connecting to the same USB socket on the Mixon 8 Pro when using the iPad and Mac?
  3. My suspicion is an issue with your cable or USB socket. I’ve seen strange behaviour like this when using cheap USB cables.
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Also, I’m guessing your iPad has a USB-C socket not a lightning socket. Are you using any kind of hub or adapters?

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No. I’m not using the same cable in the Mac and in the iPad.
With the iPad I’m using the USB-C → USB-C cable that comes with the iPad.
In the Mac I used the same port on the Mixon (but moving the selector), but with an USB-B → USB-A.

Not using any hub or adapter.
Let me try with a different USB-C → USB-C cable.

If you have any USB-C cables with ferrites on either end, try one of those. The ferrites help to eliminate interference which could possibly be the problem.

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Also, can you confirm that your iPad is charging when connected to the Mixon 8? This could be another sign of a connection issue.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve done a quick test in the mean time with a different cable. In only 10 minutes didn’t happened anytime. But it’s too soon to throw fireworks in the air. I’ll try also tomorrow, in a 1 or 2 hours set to see it maintains stability. Hope so.
Thanks you very much for the help.
I’ll return here to give some more feedback.

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Sounds good! You’re welcome. Hopefully that solves it.

After some frustrating repetition of the events, entirely by change I get to the problem:
The vinyl of the controller was ON in deck 2…
The manual of Mixon 8 Pro states:

Enables/disables slip mode. If the slip mode is active, the track starts at the exact point, at which it would be if you had not performed any actions. SHIFT+Slip: Enables/disables the vinyl mode of the jog wheel.

Note! When Vinyl is activated, the jog wheel stops the playhead. (or scratches it). Pitch bending is also possible by by moving the edge of the jog wheel. If vinyl is deactivated, the jog wheel will only perform only the pitch bend Function.

That was my problem and the weird behaviour was due to that,
I’ve done a 2 hour set without any problem after I had deactivated that option…

This is an alert to everyone else who has similar problems (I notice that are a couple of reported problems similar to mine in this forum.

Thanks for the help, anyhow.

Glad you were able to sort it out. Thanks for the details and follow up.

Just one more tip… (bug?)
DJay Pro doesn’t recall the previous Vinyl settings of the Mixon 8.
Each time I use it I must repeat the process of the deactivating this option on the hardware.
Are you able to reproduce this?

Specifically what Vinyl setting are you talking about? Can you share a screenshot please?

I’m referring to this button on the controller, accessed by SHIFT - VINYL (see below).
I don’t know what’s the counterpart in the app.
What I know is that when it is activated I get all those strange behaviours I mentioned before and that (by luck), when deactivated, the behaviour of the app is “normal”.
I must deactivate it each time I start the controller because apparently the software doesn’t memorize my choice.

Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 10.29.19

Hi @Dig_Art, okay that clarifies things a lot. By default, the Mixon 8 jogwheels are set Vinyl Mode instead of CDJ Mode. In my experience this is normal for most DJ controllers. I’ll double check with the dev team, but I don’t believe there is an internal setting that djay can remember for your jogwheel mode preference.