Mixon 8 Pro help. Mode display when playing.

Can someone talk about how to get the controller to change the mode display on the iPad or MacBook? On the reloop buddy it was holding the mode button and double clicking the coresponding pad twice.

I have tried using the shift button but it doesn’t do the trick. I hate having to manually change it on the iPad and computer.

@DJamags try SHIFT + the Back button below the Browse knob.

@DJamags okay so it turns out that my suggestion above brings up the full Library View and doesn’t cycle between the different View Modes of djay.

You could quite easily customize this in the MIDI learn section of djay and change it to Next View Mode.

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Has there been any better fix than this? This is almost just as much of a pain as touching the screen on the iPad to match the pad mode. The fact there is no pad mode on the Mixon is a huge miss on either Reloop or algoriddims part. Having the visual on the screen of what you are doing on the pads like on the Buddy makes so much sense and has slowed me down significantly moving to the Mixon 8 Pro. How hard would it be for Algoriddim to allow a button to be mapped to be identical to the mode button on the buddy?


I definitely would not agree that this issue should be marked “solved” by @Slak_Jaw 's workaround.
We have the biggest group of Mixon 8 pro users over on our Mixon 8 fb group and many users (including myself) are on the brink of ditching the Mixon 8 because of this static view issue.
Serato and Rekordbox have dynamic displays to match pad modes, hell even the Buddy is able to do this. If this issue was addressed in a software update, I’d be happy to stick with the Mixon 8.


Hi @DJ_Venn, can you please clarify in detail what you want here? It sounds to me, like you want the performance pad mode buttons to either be MIDI Mappable or for the onscreen display modes to change automatically. If so, there is an existing suggestion topic to implement this feature. Please cast you vote there. Thanks!

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Sorry, what I was voicing a need for was for the display on the app to match what pad mode is selected on the controller automatically. On the Buddy, there is a pad “mode” button, that when held down and a pad is selected, will change the pads to that pad mode. If it is held down and the pad is hit twice, the screen will change to display the pad mode selected. I don’t care whether it switches on the first click, or needs a double tap, just some way where the display will match the pad mode selected on the Mixon. So I guess that suggestion you posted covers that but it sounds awfully complicated and convoluted. Just make the display switch to show the pad mode selected. It should do this across all controllers.


Got it. Thanks for the clarification @DJ_Venn. I’ll forward this onto the dev team for further consideration. Making the pad mode buttons MIDI Mappable as suggested in the other post would allow this functionality to be applied universally to all controllers instead of a one-by-one basis like done with the Reloop Buddy. Either way, I’ll make sure the team is aware of continued interest in this functionality. Thanks again!


I hope algorithm DJ fixes the static view when using the Mixon 8 Pro with their software. For example, when you move from one performance pad mode to another, the software doesn’t change the view and remains static rather than dynamic. This is a big miss in my opinion and needs to be fixed to compete with other software programs such as rekordbox and Serato which when using any other controller with those software programs the performance mode or FX view changes. We need to make this a priority in their next software update!

This issue should NOT be “closed” this is an ongoing issue that needs to be resolved and more importantly “Listened too” by the developers. For example, take a look at Rekordbox IOS app. When using a controller the app recognizes when you change a pad mode for example in the actual software so you know which mode you are in visually which is what everyone on this string is looking for in Djay PRO. PLEASE listen and open up this closed suggestion. thank you

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Thanks for the additional information and perspective @bmac0603. This post is still open and has been communicated to the dev team.

Thank you sir! I recently converted from Rekordbox due to the flexible beat grids and the upgrade of Neural mix but this issue had me hesitant. Much appreciated that you are looking into it for the DJ community. I believe you can get more converts from other software programs

You’re welcome @bmac0603

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Any update? I find myself using the buddy more than the mixon when possible these days

Hi @DJamags, the dev team is still working on this one.