Deck 3 & 4 Pausing when cycling through View Modes (Mixon 8)

Mixon 8 Pro, latest firmware, Ipad pro, latest IOS.
I have mapped Next view mode and Previous view mode on two Pad.
However there is a bug: when your e playing a brand on either deck 3 or 4 and when you arrived to the Automix view mode…It stop playing the brand.
This does not seem to occur if a brand is played on desk 1or 2…
Any idea/help /tips would be appreciated.
Many thanks

Hi @Djay_Fleg, please provide specific details about your setup not just “iPad” or “Latest Version”. This helps all of our community moderators to provide the most effective support to users with the utmost efficiency.

Device Model (ex. 2020 iPad Air 4th Gen):
Version of operating system (ex. iOS 17.3.1):
Version of djay (ex. 5.1.3):
Hardware/controllers used (ex. Reloop Ready):
Hardware Firmware Version::

In addition, can you please try to capture a video of the issue, upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, then share a link to the video here? Thanks!

Ok sorry for that, here it is:

  1. Device model: iPad Pro 2nd Gen
  2. Version of operating system: iOS 17.5.1
  3. Version of djay : 5.1.7
  4. Hardware/controllers used: Mixon 8 Pro firmware 5039 (latest one)

Link to the video below:

Thanks a lot

Thanks for the details and video @Djay_Fleg. This is very helpful. This seems to be a new issue so I’ve created a new topic for it. I have forwarded this to the engineering team to see if they can reproduce the issue and offer any suggestions. I’ll report back here when I have news. Thanks!

Hi again @Djay_Fleg, I just spoke with the engineering team and they are aware of this issue and have already implemented a fix which will be included in an upcoming release (likely 5.2). Thanks!

Many thanks for this.
Looking forward then.

You’re welcome @Djay_Fleg