Mixon 8 pro neural mix faders and post fader effects needed

Hey there !
Got the new mixon 8 pro and it’s really good.
2 things that don’t work or need changing :

When you select neural mix mode using the EQ knobs, the faders on the app don’t move, which is rather annoying.

Instant pad effects are post fader and it’s nice so, for instance, you can have an echo effect after you stop the track. When you select the neural mix effects on either drums/harmo or vocals, these effects are pre fader and are then off if you stop the track.

Will it be changed on the next upgrade ?

Thanks and have a great day !


Hi @gric,

  1. Post fader FX are currently not supported will Neural Mix parts. This is a known limitation with the Neural Mix FX processing.
  2. The Neural Mix EQ controls are different than the Neural Mix Volume controls. The Mixon 8 is controlling the EQs not the Volumes

Thanks a lot !
Have a great day !

You’re welcome @gric. Happy to help.

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