Mixon 8 Pro Pad - Blinking LEDs

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  • Device model: Ipad Pro
  • Version of operating system: IOS
  • Version of djay: 5.1.3
  • Hardware/controllers used: Mixon 8 Pro

Your question:
I have some pad mapped on Sampler effects.
Some of them are blinking when activated and playing the sampler, some others show the color of activation, play the sampler but are not blinking…
The blinking/flashing effect actually are only on Desk 3 and 4 and not on Desk 1 and 2.
Any tips on this difference?
I would be interested to always have the flashing effect.
Many thanks

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Hi @Djay_Fleg, in the MIDI Out section for the button mapping you can try setting the Min Value to 1 and the Max Value to 2 to get a flashing LED. Unfortunately, this only works in certain cases where the hardware supports it.

Thanks but not really understanding.
My min value and max one are set on different values to have the desired colors but still flashing.
Actually I also have this issue with mapping a pad on desk (1,2, 3 or 4) with play/pause.
Flashing instead of keeping desired colors fixed…
Any clues?

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Hi @Djay_Fleg, I spoke with the engineering team and they shed some more light on how Blinking LEDs work in djay:

  1. Whether a button is blinking or not when active/inactive depends on the MIDI action in djay.
  2. Play/Pause, Cue and Sampler are blinking mappings.
  3. Hot Cues and FX are non-blinking mappings.
  4. Except for special cases, this is how blinking works in djay and it’s not user editable.
  5. So, if you map Play/Pause to a performance pad it will blink when paused, and if you map a Hot Cue to the Play/Pause button it will not blink. Hopefully that clarifies things.


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