Mixon 8 Pro - review

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Quick question if anyone knows, its actually Serato related but maybe someone is familiar with it… I was setting up the samples and i noticed that the pads on both side trigger the same samples. Is this a mapping assignment that can fix this or i have no option when it comes to Serato? In Djay Pro the 16 pads trigger different samples but in serato the 8 left trigger the same as the 8 right ones. (Same thing with scratch samples etc…). Is it the Mixon 8? or is it on every controller with Serato?

Sorry buddy I only use with djay on iPad I bought a really good sturdy stand for it. Hope you get this sorted or at least clarified.

One thing I’ve noticed is that in the Manuel press and press again is meant to delete saved loops but that Acton doesn’t work. Anyone else notice this? Could this be mapped. Reloop defo need to learn how to map their controllers competently. I remember beatpad 2 not even having loop length longer than 8.

@athanlive I believe there are some Serato users here, but this is probably a question better asked on a Serato forum or FB group if you want a quicker answer.

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Does the Mixon 8 unlock the full Algoriddim Pro AI on the ipad when it is plugged in? or do yo still need to buy a subscription to get things like the 4 decks and neural functionS
I have had differing views from people/dealers/marketing?

@DJ_Dubious you still need a subscription for djay Pro AI. I think where people are confused is that it does unlock Serato DJ Pro.

@DJ_Dubious officially supported hardware like the Mixon 8 do allow you to use them with the FREE version of djay though.

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But the free version of Algo AI DJ doesn’t include 4 decks, and the Reloop website promises:
“With its Plug ’n’ Play technology, your choice of Serato DJ Pro or Algoriddim djay Pro AI is instantly unlocked for immediate DJing with up to 4 decks simultaneously.”

@DJ_Dubious well if you don’t want to take my word for it, then I recommend you submit a support email to Algoriddim directly for confirmation. Please share your findings here with the rest of the community. Thanks.


Well, it appears the Mixing 8 unlocks .ore than you get for free…

This is what Reloop have to say…

“The Mixon 8 Pro unlocks almost all the Pro features inside the djay app. Neural Mix for example will work plug & play. Some features like full access to all loops, samples, visuals and FX pack require an additional subscription. For more information regarding this I recommend you to contact Algoriddim directly.”

So I shall now proceed to contact Algoriddim directly…

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@DJ_Dubious thanks for sharing! Happy to be proven wrong here, but that does indeed explain the confusion. Looking forward to hearing what Algoriddim has to say.

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Great review of the Mixon 8 Pro from Mojaxx: