Mixon 8 Pro - review

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I spent some time with the Mixon 8 Pro at NAMM. IMO it’s a big improvement over the Mixon 4. It definitely has a lot of great things going for it especially when paired with djay Pro AI. I agree with Phil, at Digital DJ Tips, that’s it’s currently one of the best djay Pro AI controllers available.

Unfortunately, I feel like it’s been made available about a year too late. Personally, I’m holding out hope that native support comes to the RANE Four and the Pioneer FLX10. I for one want more dedicated STEMS controls in my next piece of hardware and I’m willing to pay a little extra for that.

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Hey Slak_Jaw, can you elaborate a bit why you think that the FLX10 might be better than the Mixon8 (Specifically wrt to STEM control or any other area) ?

@Markouchio yeah, like the RANE Four, the FLX10 has several dedicated hardware controls for STEMS in addition to the pad mode and EQ options.

The Mixon 8 does have STEMS FX controls similar to the FLX10, but it lacks the the other dedicated STEMS buttons.

However, the Mixon 8 works with djay right NOW. There’s no telling if or when the FLX10 or RANE Four will be officially supported by Algoriddim.

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Maybe I’m missing something, but since you can map Djay the way you like on the Mixon, isn’t it simply a matter of the number of physical controls?

In other words, even if the other controllers get official support, you won’t be able to map as much stem functionality as you can on the Mixon, right? :thinking:

Edit: which is also why I didn’t get Phil’s issue with ‘no dedicated controls’ for Serato. Who cares as long as you can map them yourself. And the Mixon has way more mapping options than the other controllers. So what am I missing? :face_with_monocle:

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@Mister_Tuur yes, you can custom map the Mixon to your liking. Which is what I would do for sure. The same would go for the FLX10 if it’s class compliant.

However, this often requires compromises and giving up some controls for others. So, having extra controls specifically for STEMS reduces this. Also, I’ve done a LOT of custom mapping over the years and I sometimes find it hard to remember which controls do what when the controller labels no longer match the controls. This is especially true when using lots of SHIFT+ functions.

Yeah, I’d agree with that. :sweat_smile:

Still, since the Mixon has more physical controls by far, I’d prefer it over the other options.

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According to the Mixon 8 manual, SHIFT+ Tap button toggles between FX Mode and STEMS Mode.

  1. I’m assuming in STEMS mode, the 3 buttons will turn the various STEMs On/OFF
  2. Presumably the FX Knobs will also control STEMs volume similar to how the EQ/STEMs mode currently works

This may prove to be a great implementation, however, I would still prefer controlling FX and STEMs at the same time without having to toggle between the two. I think this is where the FLX10 has the advantage.

I’d probably remap this so the first 3 Knobs and Buttons control STEMs by default, then map the 4th Knob and Button to control FX1 instead of Wet/Dry. I normally set Wet/Dry to 100% and leave it anyway.

Just received an email from Reloop.

The public sales start of the Mixon 8 Pro will be May 15, 2023, 11 pm (CEST).


Has anyone received their Mixon 8 Pro yet? Sounds like these are finally shipping this week.

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Still patiently waiting for mine

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I think this is a good piece of hardware and a good controller, but I can’t get comfortable with the mirrored layout … :frowning:

Got mine on Friday, finally had some time to play with it just now. It has frozen/locked on me twice in as many hours. Then i realized I needed to do a firmware update. Should have checked. Will report back if freezing continues.

Also, in regards to the three FX/Stems knobs at the top. They do not control stem volume. They control stem-specific FX. So, you can hit SHIFT+FX1/Drums and now your three manual FX apply ONLY to the Drums stem. I, too, was hoping to use the three knobs up top to control stem volume (instead of sacrificing EQ knobs) but that’s not how it’s configured out of the box.


At least it came. Do a post on updating firmware

I just got my Mixon 8 on Friday, but I can’t get it to work on my iPad or Mac. I first upgraded the firmware, I updated iOS and checked to see if I had the latest djay pro.
I’ve connected it with every combination of cables and nothing works.
When I connect it, the only controls that respond in the interface are the the crossfader and the other four faders. And the screen doesn’t work either.
I switched from a Mixon 4 to the 8, and the 4 was working fine.
Is there anything I’m missing to get it to work ?

@cristiana make sure you have your input sources for each channel switched to the appropriate USB-A or B that your device is connected to.

Yup, that was the fix. I read the docs and that either wasn’t there or not prominent. It should have been noticeable, because it is different from the 4.

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@cristiana well I’m glad that helped you. You weren’t the only one with the same issue.

So after all my talk, I decided to get the Reloop Mixon 8 instead of the FLX10. My gut feeling is that native support won’t be coming for the FLX10 anytime soon.

Anyway, I’m not super happy with the default mapping for the Mixon 8. Contrary to my previous assumption, SHIFT + TAP does not toggle between FX Mode and Neural Mix mode. This is unfortunate, as a toggle mode like with the performance pads would have been much nicer than the SHIFT layer implementation. I tried out a bunch of different options and I think I’ve come up with the best compromise given the current firmware limitations. If you’re interested, you can check out the mapping here: