Mixon 8 Pro USB issue.

Mixon 8 Pro, I can not connect to it over USB, it doesn’t matter which cable, which USB port, or the setting of the USB Switch/iOS switch. I’ve tried my iPad Pro, my Mac Studio, and my older Intel Mac laptop. it does not show up on the USB interface whatsoever (I’ve checked the Apple System Profiler). it’s running firmware version 4936, also the firmware updater does not see it, I plug into port B and the switch is not set to iOS.


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Please make sure you have the switches above the EQ set to the corresponding USB socket you are connected to.

Yeah I’ve tried A or B depending on which usb port the cable is in. I’d like to add I’ve used this deck before, it just is no longer showing up over USB.

This sounds like it could be a cable or USB socket issue then. I recommend you try a high quality USB cable, ideally with dual ferrites on either end. Please note that USB cables do fail and not all cables are created equal. I can personally recommend the Chroma Cables from DJ TechTools.

If the new cable doesn’t solve your issue, then I suspect it’s and issue with the USB socket on the hardware. I recommend you reach out to Reloop Customer Support for this. I hope that helps.

Thanks Slack, yeah I believe it’s a hardware issue. I’ve tried multiple USB cables, even grabbed the one from my mixon 4, which I guess I’ll be using this weekend until I get my 8 repaired. Thanks for the cable suggestion. I’ll check them out. I’ve been using the Oyaide Neo d+ Series, they are made for DJ gear specifically, but I’m always open to new gear!

You’re welcome. The DJ TechTools cables are also specifically made for DJing and music production.