Mixon question

Hello! Thinking of buying a Mixon 4. Is it totaly compatible with the Djay PRO-app? Can I use the drummachine that is referred to as ”loooer”? And…besides lack of contacts, is the console worth its money? /Best Henrik, Sweden

I’m using Reloop Mixon 4 and works very well. Very nice piece of hardware, my only concern is regarding it doesn’t have a real mixer for external gear (no AUX inputs, only mix from software and only 1 external MIC).

Hi Henrik, 

Thank you for getting in touch.

djay for iOS is natively supporting the Mixon 4. Also, the Looper is flawlessly accessible in the subscribed version of djay for iOS.

Lukas E.

Thanks Lukas! What i want to ask is…can I manage/ stear the looper-funktion directly from the Mixon 4 console?!