Mixtour can't select tracks since Djay update

I’m unable to select tracks using the Reloop Mixtour MIDI controller since I updated the app.

I hadn’t updated the app in over a year, but accidentally clicked the update button and now my controller doesn’t work properly.

Djay version 3.8.2

See video of bug in action here

Please fix this annoying bug! i love Djay!

You have to press the left or right deck “load” button (the ones to either side of the large rotary knob) to load tracks.

weird. so Djay changed things? Previously (had this controller for 5 years) clicking the encoder would load to the selected track. I’ve been using it this way for my podcast for 6 years

How did it work before?, how did the software know which deck you wanted to load it on with the old behaviour?

Yes. It knows (knew?) “active” vs “inactive” track based on crossfader position .

I’d been using it like that for over 5 years. I guess the functionality has changed?

… actualy… in the default view in Djay for iOS you click open on the deck. as in , you click on the Deck A icon and it opens a menu for what you’re supposed to be loading to Deck A.

do the same on Deck B, and it loaded on Deck B.

Now, the same behaviour exists, except what was the “load this track to this deck” button functions as “go back in track menu”

Hi @TheRumbler,

My apologies for the late reply on this thread. I can confirm that our team changed the mapping of the Mixtour on purpose to use the dedicated “Load” buttons on the controller for each of the decks for the load action. This was done to avoid accidentally loading a song onto the wrong deck.

I’d be happy to pass along your feedback about this to our team, and we appreciate you taking the time to bring it to our attention here in the Community. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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i see. but, in Djay for iOS you open the list of tracks for a specific deck already (see my posted video).

i.e. you click load on deck A and the list of tracks appears under deck A, so there should be no confusion as to where that track will load when you click on it.

I guess i’d been trained for 5 years of using the Mixtour with Djay that the selector button worked in that way.

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