I know that numark mixtrack pro will work with djay, but will just the regular mixtrack work?

The Mixtrack controller is natively supported!

I do not think so easily. I had/have a Mixtrack nd asked DJay (Algoriddim) this Q once - they said the natural drivers were not integrated into either end and I could MAP it to work under MIDI.

So if you are aMIDI expert - you can take your chances… At this point w Yosemite problems and all sorts of other problems - DJay has gone from a great DJ app to scary for professional usage - since it stop working or does weird pitch and efx changes in the middle of songs LIVE…not good…

I think it is Yosemite Integration as I tried BOTH the older DJay and DJay 2 Pro - same issues … and I use the Vestex controller v2

What about the first generation Numark Mixdeck - is it natively supported? On DJay 1 It was not and needed extensive Midi mapping… Your statement said Mixtrack not mix deck? and there is a NEW Mixdeck that you always supported. So have you added the first generation Numark Mixdeck to DJay 2?