Momentary Total Audio Drop-outs (seldom and intermittent)

I have very seldom, momentary audio drop-outs when spinning in djay pro. In the middle of a practice session, the audio cuts out and the moving waveforms pause in place, but the play buttons stay lit. Then a couple seconds later, the waveforms catch back up to where they should be and audio kicks back on and the songs continue to play like nothing happened. No crash of the application, just momentary silence. The whole thing takes about 3 seconds in total, but would feel like eternity if it happened during a performance. This has only happened about 2-3 times in all the hours I’ve been using this app in the studio, but I am concerned it will happen at a gig in the future.

This has happened while using both my standard audio output built-in to my macbook, and with the audio interface output built-in to my Mixtrack Pro II. I run a MacBook Pro 13-inch, late 2011, 2.4 ghz i5, with a 16gb ram upgrade.

Yes, this happens to me as well. I thought it was a specific track but when it happened again last night, I knew it was software related.

It has only happened to me during autoplay.

It happens. When it does it is 3-4 seconds of half dropout, half no sound… I always thought it was my track but it happens VERY randomly.

Mine has only happened on autoplay, so far.


No, never happened without an external device/soundcard connected. They are as random as can be. No rhyme or reason.

They sound like the song is cutting out for 3-4 seconds, like you are messing with a bad wire and getting bad signal.

Ouch… that’s not good. Thanks for sharing Rob.

You are right, sounds USB related.

Does these Audio drop-outs happen without any reason or is there anything you can think of that might be causing them? Did that ever happen to one of you without having an external sound card connected?

I have the same thing with Traktor too since updating to Yosemite which is why im trying out Djay now. Might not be a DJAY specific issue as I still get fuzzy sound / audio cut out every once it awhile on DJAY the same way I did on traktor.

Traktor, Serato and other forums are all taking about audio drop outs / audio issues with Yosemite. It appears to be a usb audio issue on mac

It does feel like an eternity when it happens in a performance. It happened to me twice last night.

This issue is rare. I can go months without it happening, then it happens twice or three times in one night.

I can’t seem to find any pattern that causes it. It happens when I’m not using a controller, it happens when I use my Reloop controller, and it happens when I’m using my Allen & Heath controller. It happens when I’m only using local tracks, and it happens when I’m using Spotify tracks. This is on a MacBook Pro with an i5, 16GB RAM, and an internal SSD.