Momentary Unwanted Pitch Bend Using Cue Buttons w/Rane One

App Version: Djay Pro AI for iPad 3.8.2
iOS Version: 15.1
Device: Rane One Controller

When using the cue buttons on the Rane One Controller with Djay Pro AI on iPad, there is an unwanted momentary pitch bend/tempo increase upon release of the cue button during playback, but only when Key Lock is on. The unwanted pitch/tempo increase only lasts for a moment then the song playback returns to the original speed. This behavior does not take place when Key Lock is off, and only takes place when using the the Rane One controller and when the song is actively playing (platter in motion).

A related issue when the Rane One platters are in motion, the playback head does not return to the cue marker start point when using the cue buttons, with playback staring a few ticks after the cue marker. When this behavior take place, the pitch/tempo increase is consistent.

On the Rane One controller while the platter is not moving (playback stopped) using the cue buttons for reference or finger drumming and beat juggling does not trigger the unwanted momentary pitch bend/tempo increase, regardless of wether Key Lock is on or off. It seems that Djay Pro AI may be applying a pitch bend because it detects that the Rane One platter is in motion in between cue button presses.

This behavior is present regardless of file type, and is not exhibited while using the Pioneer DDJ-SX2, perhaps due to the non-motorized platters? These behaviors also appear to be triggered after multiple presses of the cue buttons closely spaced together. Pressing the cue buttons with longer pauses in between (whole and half note timing) does not trigger the behavior described above.

Using the cue buttons with quarter note timing or faster, on the Rane One Controller, with Key Lock On, and the platters in motion, seems to trigger the issues.

Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Please let mw know if any additional information is required.
Thank you.

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Here is a screen capture of the behavior using the Rane One controller.

Take a ticket and get in line :joy:
Unfortunately this is a glitch that I and others have been reporting for quite some time.
The fact that the issue doesn’t present itself when Key lock is off leaves me to believe that it should be an issue that could be easily fixed.

A workaround is to leave Key lock off for the split second when you Cue & Play the track, but obviously that doesn’t work to well if the Cue point is a vocal…

Hopefully Algoriddim chimes in and finds a solution sooner rather than later…

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I believe that core issues like this should not persist across major updates.
But we have Shazam. Why?


Exactly my sentiments,
Can someone please tell me what the Shazam integration with Djay is for?
I have been able to work out what advantage’s it has within the App…

@maurizio_T and @LaidbackFred

Hopefully there’s strength in numbers and that this behavior is resolved in an upcoming version release. Toggling Key Lock on/off is definitely a useable workaround, but the fact that is seemingly isolated to the Rane One makes my investment in the new hardware less valuable as I find myself going back to my Pioneer DDJ-SX2 to avoid the issue. Certainly not a dealbreaker, but now I have to be selective with the control surfaces.

I would not use the Rane one and Djay at a real gig, you’re playing with fire unfortunately. I can only hope that with the FW silence lately they will be releasing a v2.0 soon.

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Hi guys,

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and feedback regarding the RANE ONE support with the rest of the Community.

We’re happy to announce that in the latest version of djay PRO AI for iOS and Mac (3.8.4 and 3.1.9 respectively), we addressed the bugs reported in this thread and fixed the following issues:

  • The short pitch-bend issue when starting the jog-wheel with key lock enabled.
  • There was a speed bump when jumping to a cue point with key lock enabled.

We hope this improves your experience when mixing on the RANE ONE with djay. Please continue to open new threads if you guys find any other issues.

Cheers, G


Yes Thanks, I noticed this as well…it makes a huge difference now…

Any news on the other feature we have been asking so long for relating to Key Lock being switched on by default?


Replying to the question about Shazam…

The only benefit I can see to having Shazam built in is doing back to back sets, or two DJ’s doing a single set.

The only situation I found my self using it was at a mates who was playing vinyl, he’d play a few tracks then I’d mix into his last song. Using Shazam within the djay app recognised the song he was playing on vinyl and started it playing at the same point of the song within djay.

A very obscure use for it!

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