Monitor Deck1/Deck2 Midi mapping

I am trying to map my Kontrol Z1, I cannot seem to find where are the mappings for individual monitors on Deck1/Deck2, there is only, this mapping:

“Monitor Select”

Which toggles the monitor between Deck1 and Deck2,

I cannt find the individual mappings for the decks, so I can control them individually. For instance have both enabled (which the select mentioned above does not support) etc.


Big issue, especially on iOS where cue monitoring is based on crossfader position. so it basically prevents anyone from mixing while monitoring the master output as each time you crossfade it goes from master to the one of the Decks…

I would tolerate that on “non Pro” versions but the Pro versions should have a manual mode with separate monitor toggles on each deck, including on the iPhone version now it’s deemed as “Pro” !