Mono Output Toggle

I would love it of mono output was added to this software. This is very useful in certain mobile situations. Obviously, the cue output should remain stereo. Please help by upvoting this!

Hi @CarneWest,

Thank you for getting in touch and your suggestion.It would be great if other users share their feelings towards a mono output and upvote the topic.

+1 for this.

We have latin dancing school and the speaker/mixer setup are simply too far apart for rectangle studio.

When a latin salsa eg salsa is playing, some instruments are only playing (were recorded) from one side and therefore a certain group of dancers who are on the opposite side will not hear what’s being highlighted by the musicians.

I’d like to point out that you can set up your macOS/iOS to play mono audio through the Accessibility settings.

Sure, but this makes the headphone cut output a split out, which I do not want.

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