More accurate pitch adjustments needed?

Whilst I think that you guys made some great improvements to the ease of accurately adjusting the pitch control I still think there is a lot of room for improvement.

Would it be possible to add new +/- buttons to the left of the pitch slider, one at the top, one at the bottom, so that the user can tap to incrementally increase or decrease the pitch at precised 0.01% increments? it’s still too fiddly.

Also the pitch lock at 0% makes adjustments within 0.15% of 0 near impossible. What happens if I need one tune at 0.2%

On a positive note - great work so far, I really like this app and would even pay again for these upgrades. My Pioneer CDJs and Vestax turntables are gathering dust!

This is exactly what I’d like! In conjunction with this it would be very nice to have a persistant display of the pitch adjustment level. Each time you release the adjuster it dissapears leaving you with very little idea how much you’ve just affected the pitch.

It’s very difficult to make a mix that will hold precise timing without fine tuning the pitch in very small increments and so for me these changes would elevate this software into something that could substitute hardware turntables.

Slightly off topic, but related: it’s important to fine tune pitch, if a song is “out of tune”, means not exactly 440Hz… see also:………