More Automix controls/settings

I listen to most of my music on djay over the native music app because of the Automix feature. I have my Automix set to Standard/30secDur/Auto-Sync ON/60secTrigger. This works great for house music (anything in the 120-135 BPM range really), as the transition cuts out the DJ intros and outros of songs almost perfectly (64 beats in most 128 BPM musical phrases, 64 beats in 30 seconds of a 128 BPM song, and most intros and outros are 60 seconds or 128 beats).

One feature I’ve always wanted to see was automation of specified equalizer controls. For example if you could set the basses to crossfade with the transition (they wouldn’t play on top of each other for as long and the transition would be less noticeable). Also, being able to automate hi-pass and lo-pass filters with the transition could sound pretty cool for a lot of songs.

Another feature I’d wish there was is a way to extend the transition on the fly. A lot of times I hear the new song coming in and the two tracks are blending real well together. I’ll want to hear the previous song at full volume for the full remaining 60 seconds instead of the fading volume of the 30 second transition. If I open the app in time, I can stop the Automix, but then I have to wait til the end of the song and turn the automix back on. This would be especially useful for tracks with longer DJ intros; it sounds weird when it goes from both tracks playing in sync to the old one fading and only hearing the intro of new one.

A great way to implement this would be a “+30sec button” that pops up above the Automix button during a transition. It would pause the transition for 30 seconds while the crossfader is centered (or 60, 90, 120 seconds, however many times it’s pressed). A “4 beat loop button” that pops up as well could loop the old song so it doesn’t play out before the new track’s intro ends. That would be super cool.