More controllers for Mobile apps

Hi Algorridim,

Your app its great the spotify function its just amazing… you just need to map more controllers to be an 5 star app !!! Please focus on that… I know If you add more controllers to your app youll have so much more advantage from another apps in market.

Plz Algorridim add more controllers (including Ddj-sb2!!!)

Pd: add offline Spotify too!!!

Best regards

What about the DENON MC6000mk2 ? Would be a perfect fit with 4 Decks & VJing part ! Also, compatibility with mappings made on thé Mac version would be awesome !

Clearly hardware compatibility is the biggest weakness currently.

That is probbably why he wrote that its natively supported in djay pro.

Hi there, 

thanks for your support!We are working on that but the DDj SB2 is already natively supported by djay Pro !
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Hi Alex,

The DDj SB2 doesnt work in the android app ???