more cue buttons

maybe you could put them as a section somewhere next to the bmp and fx… It could look like a little mpc pads. maybe four or six cue buttons in a row and a set-cue/play-cue mode toggle button or like how tapdj does it with three cues. You could do mpc sampler style remixes from old soul grooves like dj 9th wonder, dj premier, and pete rock. and record your tries as a mix then load it up again to find and loop the pest part. then record that as a mix and then load that up and blend that with some drum break beat and you’d have produced a little original hiphop break beat with cool organic dj feel, then cue/scratch a hook over it for the chorus, etc… you could really make old school hip hop style tracks with this thing… especially if they make cue over ride table back spin so that the cue/scratch technique could be more precise and usable but that’s another thread. I love this app!