more effects

this app needs about 1,000 more effects

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djay 2 on iOS and djay Pro on Mac offer FX Packs (powered by Sugar Bytes) available for in-app purchase.

thats an evily genius marketing plan that i fully support just because i want the extra effects. i was hoping for free updates, but i will take whatever i can get. this app has all of the bases covered in terms of user friendliness, and adding a mountain of extra effects is only going to increase the wow factor and possibility to use it in more serious situations. seriously, if algoriddim drops the ball on catering to the professional crowd, they are going to lose out on so much money and fame… this app is ripe to be the second coming of the ableton revolution in digital djing

I honestly don’t know why they haven’t sold add-on packs with effects. I love Djay’s simple interface and this would just about push it over the top for me, using it with my controller and APC40. I mean I would happily pay 10 bucks each, for extra effects packs. Please Algoriddim! Hook us up! :slight_smile:

I’ve gotta imagine Algoriddim is thinking this too on some level. I mean they already sell the product at a ridiculously cheap price. Sell us some add-ons! I think we’d happily buy them! :slight_smile:

And I tend to agree on the Pro comment as well. Grow this product and people will already be along for the ride!

I agree!! lets see some effect packs!!
also integrate vjay please!

I couldn’t better agree, I’m using the Numark Idjay pro controller and I would only ask for more effects and samples.