More FXs please!

A deeper library of FXs

Hi @Pj_Delaye,

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our new community.

Which FX are you missing in particular? It would be great if other users share their vote and thoughts on which FX they would like to see in djay.

Hi Luke,

I would enjoy a deeper variety of “echos” and “delays” amongst other things (sorry I cannot be more specific but it’s only because I am not sure what is all out there. I just know that Serato has tons of FX available and that I would enjoy to see the library deepened a bit and periodically.

I’m also missing the “shift / auto scratch-chirp feature” you guys used to have on the earlier versions of the software.


I totally agree. “Echo out” like in Serato and Traktor would be nice.

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Echo out and a noise / build effect to add energy before a drop or to create your own build up.