More loops and cue points

Would it be possible to get more than 8 cue points and 8 loops please. Most of the time this is sufficient but occasionally its not.


It would be cool to have the option for 16 hotcues, but with the current limited screenspace, I would def love to see it set as two pages or as an option. I like having my hotcue labels on screen.

In Rekordbox, I do utilize 16 hotcues for my scratch sentences and performance sentences. Would be cool to be able to translate those over to algoriddim directly instead of splitting tracks.


Hey @Steve_Wright and @Myalteredsoul ,

Thanks for reaching out about this feature request and for your ongoing support!

I’ve made sure it’s brought to the attention of our Dev Team for future consideration.

In addition, if other users also feel this feature would be useful, we encourage them to vote on this topic thread as well so we have a better idea of the interest from others in our community.


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Voted for pages for hotcues and loops, e.g. 4 Pages a 8 cues = 32.

Then I could use DJayPros Library. Right now I copy my songs to SetList-folders as every set needs different Cues and Loops - but 8 are limited to several Sets.

Just found a YT Tutorial about DJayPro 2 requesting “to get more than 8 cue points. In Record box this is possible.” (TimmyG Official
Video is from 2019.