More sorting options for Library (e.g. by Album)

When using the library and looking through a play List a colum for album names would be nice along with the choice to sort by album within the playlist. also the ability to split signal so d1 would be on left and d2 on right so external mixers could be used if required otherwise top marks

Thanks for your feedback. I changed your question into an idea.

By the way, you can use external mixers using this trick:

  • connect the master output to the left channel of your mixer and the pre-cueing output to the right
  • move djay’s crossfader all the way to the left
  • make sure the Cue/Mix slider is all the way to the left
    Now, ignoring djay’s crossfader, you can now use your external mixer.

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More Sorting Options.

Great improvement on djay1 but I need to select my own titles & then sort E.G.,

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Sorting criteria in playlist view - djay 2.

Dear Algoriddim Team & djays,

Is there a way to choose other sorting criteria in playlist view? There’s only BPM, Key, Artist etc. - I would prefer album title for example but I couldn’t find out how to do this.


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Tag “Album Artist” problem.

I have a problem with the view of albums with various artists. All tags are set in the correct way. The tag “Album Artist” is set to “Various Artists” in Itunes. The iPad music player shows all the albums in the right way and the songs are grouped by album name if I chose Various Artists in the artists list. But in djay in the artist list I can ́t choose “Various Artists” and it shows every artist in the list. If you have many samplers/compilations it is very frustrating.
By the way. In the iPad music player app settings you can choose “Group by Album Artist”.
I hope you understand what I mean and sorry for my english.