More tidal playlist weirdness

In addition to playlists randomly reordering in both tidal and djay app if modified from the djay app itself, I have a new symptom.
I have a playlist in tidal that displays in the correct original order but the same playlist when accessed in djay has a block of 50 tracks shifted to a different place in the playlist. This playlist has never been updated from djay (because of the existing still unresolved bug). Djay just seems to be incapable of loading it in the correct order. Creating a local djay playlist is not a viable workaround until these can be shared between multiple devices. Hence I really badly either need the bugs with tidal playlist management in djay fixed or the djay playlist sharing across devices feature delivered.
The only way I can currently use this playlist is to make an entire copy of it tidal and hope djay can load the copy correctly.

Hi @GaryGibbon,

Thanks for sharing your latest experience with TIDAL on iOS.

So that I can better assist you, could you please answer the following questions:

  1. What model iOS device are you experiencing this issue on?
  2. What iOS version is running on your device?
  3. What version of djay are you using?
  4. Has this issue happened since you started using djay, or was this a new occurrence?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

Replied over email - content same as this

Hi Nathaniel thanks for responding.

Device is iPhone 12 mini

iOS 17.2.1

Djay 5.0.4

I have been experiencing other symptoms of corrupted tidal playlist orders when modifying from inside of djay for several months. Those symptoms occur in iPad Pro version also. The phenomenon where the same playlist displays in the correct order in tidal still but in the wrong order in djay only is a new symptom.


Other info that might be relevant:

The playlist is large - 800+ tracks

Its order had been modified heavily from within Tidal before this happened.

The playlist was loaded into and visible in Djay app as well at the same time it was being modified in Tidal. I refreshed the playlist in djay (i.e. pulled it down) and it reappeared in djay in a corrupted order not the same as the new order in Tidal. I had been doing this without issue for a while before this happened.

Restarting the djay app makes no difference.

OK I have just deleted and reinstalled the djay app on the phone, forcing it to completely refresh all tidal playlists and it has fixed the issue. The playlist now shows in the same order in both tidal and djay apps.

This suggests that djay is able to correctly retrieve a playlist “from the top” and the issue is being caused by conflicts between partially cached playlist data / partial load from Tidal. The ordering problem had placed an entire block of 50 tracks in the wrong place. Is it possible that you are using specific track IDs to manage these 50 track block boundaries and ordering and if someone moves one of these “boundary” tracks then the ordering integrity of the whole list is broken?

By the way the only reason I am reordering playlists in tidal still at all is because reordering them from djay itself is causing even worse issues where these blocks of 50 tracks are moving around randomly so often I can’t repair the playlist as fast as it is happening - so I have had to stop using djay to modify tidal playlists completely. My guess (as a software engineer) is that both of these issues are symptoms of the same bug. I wonder if your “paging” logic (tidal API obviously serves playlist data up in blocks of 50) is flawed and/or you are not refreshing the entire playlist from the top often enough and can’t cope if tracks move between “pages” of 50?

I would much rather be using djay itself to manage tidal playlist orders if only you could fix this unpredictable behaviour.

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