More ways to control your system!

Check this out: I work as a wedding DJ/Mc, most of the show I am doing by myself (both jobs) and I generally dislike being cooped up behind the dj table during the various “non-dancing” activities. So I create a play list in itunes for the cocktail/dinner hour.

Now, automix handles that great, but if I want more than 2 decks to load, I came up with this method.

  1. iTunes playing the cocktail music mix.
  2. ipod touch controling iTunes via the remote app.
  3. Djay main screen, with my special songs ready to go!

Boom, I use the remote app to control the volume of the iTunes, while Djay is the main player. I am assuming that my sound system is only 1 phsyical channel, and I couldn’t just play the cocktail music in the iPod separately.

But it’s just a different way to control the system.

Hi, I am new, My name is Eric. I started working as a wedding DJ/MC this summer and I love it. Really love it. I have never been a dj before and this matches me perfectly. I will be making some things happen over the course of the next couple years, so until then I am playing, learning, and honing my craft. I found the Djay app and really got into it’s style, form, and ease of use. I can spend less time “tweaking” it and more time working the party. For for me, is much more important. Thanks!