Move Playlists in AI to New MacBook Pro

I’ve followed the directions but can’t make this work. I just want to move my playlists so they appear on the new machine. I have the “backup” folder on the desktop but even when I copy and past over the one that’s there the playlists don’t show up. What am I doing wrong?

So you are following the ?

Question: what playlist are you trying to move ?
Are you moving directories, which contains audio files and playlists?

Or are you trying to copy only the medialibrary?

  1. If you need to copy everything, I would copy the “Music” folder from old machine to new machine. And try to double/triple check that the folder structures are the same.

So if your mp3’s, playlists are on “Music”, you need to copy them to.

  1. Then I would try to copy the track analysis data
    ~/Library/Group Containers/ Support/Algoriddim/

What do you have in your “backup”?

So when you start up dj pro in a new machine, it will create empty file to this location:

That is the file what needs to be replaced with the same file from the old machine.
That file contains your media library.

Thank you. I solved my problem by transferring all files from the old
laptop to the new one. Like mirroring it.

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