Moving Multiple Tracks Within Playlist

Is it possible to move multiple tracks at same time within a playlist? Thanks

Move? No, unfortunately. Add to another playlist, yes. Then you would need to select the same songs you added in order to delete them.

Move? To where? Or do yo mean that you would like to re-order, put in tracks to custom order? If so you can do that, by Artist, Album, Genre, Time, BPM, Key, Rating and more. Just select the right column at the top of the playlist area also you can add more filter to.

I worded the question poorly. I group tracks in My Collection playlists according to BPM. Yesterday I added 30 tracks to a playlist with the identical BPM and wanted to move them from the end of the list to the middle, but the app only allows moving 1 track at a time within My Collections playlist. I’m constantly rearranging my playlists and was wondering if there was a way to move multiple tracks together like in iTunes

Hi @aubhn,

  1. Can you please confirm what OS you are using?
  2. On Windows, I was able to move multiple tracks to a different order in the playlist using CTRL+ select and drag-and-drop.

That’s on latest ipadOS and iOS. I don’t use my MacBook to DJ, just to
download music to transfer to my smaller devices

Okay, thanks for confirming @aubhn. This is not currently possible on the iOS versions of djay. I have shared this with the dev team though to see what they have to say. I’ll report back here when I know more.

Thanks for confirming @Slak_Jaw :+1:

You’re welcome @aubhn

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