Moving Serato Crates to djay on Windows 10?

I’ve tried to search the forum with no luck. I can’t be the only person asking this question? I would like to try djay for the first time but I can’t seem to get my music into the software.

From what I can tell the Windows version of this app is a bit poor atm…

Hi @scratchgonzo,

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To access your Serato Crates within djay, please confirm that the actual Serato Library is in the ~/Music/Serato folder on your computer. The music itself can be located anywhere, but preferably on your computer instead of an external drive. If you’ve done this then your creates should show up as a source on the left side of the djay library:

I do not have that icon?

Windows 10 latest version of software as downloaded today, what controller I’m using doesn’t really matter as that isn’t what I have an issue with.

My apologies @scratchgonzo! I just confirmed with the dev team and unfortunately Serato Crates are not yet supported on Windows. This implementation has been requested though so I’ll report back here when I have news.

In the meantime, there are 3rd party solutions like MIXO that can convert DJ Libraries between different DJ software.

It doesn’t matter, it’s gonna take me far too long to make this program work how it should and it looks like the windows application needs a hell of a lot of workatill so I’ll come back and try again when you guys have scratch banks & I don’t hopefully don’t have to midi map stems. In serato there is an option to replace a pad mode with stems I’d like to see that implemented.

Understood @scratchgonzo. Thanks for the follow up and input!

Hopefully, Serato integration for Windows will come sooner than later. Until then I cannot work with the program. MIXO does not export beat grids & cue points to Djay Pro…