Multi-channel audio interfaces

News from your Site 26th September 2012:

Added support for multi route audio on iOS 6: this allows using multi-channel audio interfaces, HDMI audio, or a compatible USB audio dock in combination with the device’s headphone jack for pre-cueing (dual stereo out!)

Please tell me what devices are currently compatible with that.

Hi Martin,

Generally speaking, any iPad compatible USB sound card will also work with djay.

If neither drivers nor external power are required for the sound card, then chances are very high that you can use it with your iPad.…

Yes but you need a multi-channel sound card.

Hi Manuel, we haven’t tested that one yet, but like I said above, if it doesn’t require any drivers then it will probably work…

i didnt even know soundcards for the ipad existed. But it makes sense. Is it possible for the djay app to send out dual stereo over the iPad dock instead of 1 over the dock and the other over the headphone jack?

would focurite Scarlett 6i6 work?